Inflection Point Biomedical Advisors

Inflection Point Biomedical Advisors provides effective strategic advice and implement hands-on, innovative projects in Precision Medicine for the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry, investment and VC funds as well as to the EU and US governmental agencies.

IPBA is a key collaborator and vital partner of Article25 Impact Ventures.

IPBA - revealing the launching and implementation complexities in the markets...

No Clear Leader

  • PM execution in the market place has been inconsistent; we can point to commercial “leadership initiatives” but not yet commercial leadership.

Infrastructure Gaps

  • Infrastructure gaps exist, suggesting that commercial pioneers need to build and lead at the same time to be involved in policy shaping strategies.

Market Confusion

  • Inconsistent clinical commercial execution and market fragmentation have negatively impacted key stakeholders (doctors, labs, patients) - work is needed to rebuild bridges here.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • PM will need to be substantially more patient- and Lab- centric than currently and this provides differentiation opportunities.

Need for Differentiation

  • Leveraging novel approaches to market with newer business models, and engaging influencers can provide leadership, brand differentiation and higher ROI.

Narrow Focus

  • Historically, focus of PM has been on CDx, however the future Dx landscape will be more dynamic, and needs better integration with other stakeholders and reduction in silo mentality.