Inflection Point Biomedical Advisors

Inflection Point Biomedical Advisors provides effective strategic advice and implement hands-on, innovative projects in Precision Medicine for the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry, investment and VC funds as well as to the EU and US governmental agencies.

IPBA is a key collaborator and vital partner of Article25 Impact Ventures.

Primary components of IPBA array of Dx launching and implementation services

Elevate Market Knowledge

Create a suite of programs to elevate and enhance client’s team knowledge base. Includes quantitative and qualitative intel, metrics, competitors activities and Install base, KOLs, influencers and stakeholders.

Enhance Launch Planning

Create a suite of programs to elevate and enhance client’s diagnostic functional expertise and skills. Support with the how, where, when and who: messaging, approach and marketing materials, timing and resources.

Provide Commercial Playbook

Establish a Strategic Dx Implementation Framework for launch and commercialization and internal/external training program. Include strategic direction, roadmaps, worktools, resources, engagement toolkits, and know-how.

Core elements of IPBA services towards global Dx excellence

Flexible and Mobile

Flexible and Mobile

IPBA team accommodates its activities to the immediate needs and priorities of the client, working remotely or in any geography as the situtaion requires.

Regionally Relevant

Regionally Relevant

We have a global focus, but possess and continue to generate key strategic information and intel from each country and customize activities pertinent to the local needs.

Building Corporate Memory

Building Corporate Memory

The information we generate is sustainable and creates a knowledge base for the current and also future company teams, ensuring that learning is retained and built upon for continued success.