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Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of him/herself...

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
United Nations. December 10, 1948


Investment strategy

A diversified portfolio with an optimized risk-reward approach

Meaningful investments in areas of unmet need in healhcare, coordinated to make a substantial social impact within a predefined time frame.


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Industrial and healthcare infrastructure, risk-mitigated impactment investment projects


Advanced Radiotherapy Technologies

Integrated Proton/RT/Imaging centers and technologies

Nutrition & Health

Columbus Venture Partners


fund capital Breakthrough

Transformational investments in innovative projects in lifesciences, biotech and technology




News Highlights – September 2021

September is a month with important milestones presented during ESMO and WCLC. Outstanding results from DESTINY trials paved the way for new therapeutic options and clinical standards based on Daiichi-Sankio’s conjugated MoAb ENHERTHU (trastuzumab-deruxtecan) for patients with lung, gastric and breast cancer. Impressive clinical outcomes also by IMFINZI in NSCLC (plus I/O) and in SCLC....

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News Highlights – July 2021

The month of July started with College of American Pathologists releasing an update to the CAP Cancer Protocols with updated report guidance for routinely tested biomarkers. Among the protocols with significant review are lung and head and neck biomarkers, as well as quantitative IHC reporting.

On the CDx field, Foundation Medicine got two new CDx approvals: ALK for NSCLC patients in...
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News Highlights – June 2021

The beginning of this summer saw an important landmark with the WHO report on AI application in healthcare, which includes the six key principles for AI design and use: autonomy, beneficence, transparency, responsibility and accountability, equity and sustainability. The report release is aligned with recent proliferation of AI platforms for big data management and data generation as well as...
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News Highlights – May 2021

May marks an important milestone for long unmet needs for cancer patients: Amgen’s sotorasib (Lumakras), the first KRAS G12C monoclonal for advanced NSCLC, and Janssen’s amivantamab-vmjw (Rybrevant) for the treatment of NSCLC with EGFR exon 20 insertion mutations received a fast track approval by FDA . While Qiagen's Therascreen KRAS RGQ PCR is the CDx for KRAS tissue analysis,...
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News Highlights – April 2021

April followed the trend of March, with many advances in the liquid biopsy field. At the same time, there is an increasing interest in regulating the space, as the European Commission is moving forward with its appraisal of the impact of Grail’s acquisition by Illumina on the EU market.

On the diagnostic side, France has started changes in its testing funding system, with the inclusion of...
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News Highlights – March 2021

March 2021 witnessed interesting developments in the landscape of precision oncology. Several companies joined forces to expand their portfolio of NGS solutions and optimize data management, including Bio-techne, Agilent and Merck, making a tender offer for the public stocks of Pandion Therapeutics.

Among this month's FDA drug approvals, Pfizer’s Lorbrena (Lornatinib) indication was...
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Impact of testing centralisation on patients in the UK

From our series focusing on testing centralisation in the UK, we address here a major downstream effect, its impact on patients, and discuss how to overcome the current associated challenges.
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Centralisation in the time of pandemic

This third article in our series, deciphering the diagnostic testing organisation in the UK, recapitulates lessons learned from local initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic to adjust the current centralisation of tests.
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The State of Centralisation of Pathology and Molecular Testing in England

This second article, from our series deciphering the evolution of the testing landscape in the UK, analyses the current centralisation of tests of both Pathology and Genomics, its origin and the challenges yet to be solved for a fully operational and compliant centralised system.
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The future of molecular testing within the UK

This is the first of a series of articles on molecular testing centralisation in the UK outlining the landscape as well as its impact on patient treatment.
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NGS Panels in Management of Myeloid-related Diseases

IPBA-led workshop during the 2019 European Hematology Association meeting, Amsterdam
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Changing the game of precision medicine in the Land of the Rising Sun

Recent changes in the reimbursement system and the strategy of the Ministry of Health are contributing to the current upswing in momentum and pivot towards precision medicine in the clinic in Japan.
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